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Ceramic Coatings


Product Description

It is an environmental friendly, non-toxicology, excellent hard and heat stability ceramic coating. It is consist of the nano-scale (10~30 nm)silicate, inorganic pigments and heat resistant fillers. Owing to the nano-scale effect, the ceramic coating can just be cured at low temperature about 160~180’C. It can be taken as very thin glass or enamel. The nano-structured surfaces contribute to the nonstick or stainless character, which was the well-known Lotus Effect.

Application field:

B.B.Q.Grill (gas or electric)  Cookware

Bakeware                     Heater

Frypan                       Iron

Product Advantages

-Excellent Heat Resistance   -Nonstick and easy to clean

-Super Weather Resistance    -Low Baking Schedule

-Excellent Hardness          -Excellent Chemical Resistance

Physical Properties:


Silica, inorganic pigment and filler, cross-linker, solvent


Available in a wide range and ceramic-like texture


Available in 60° Gloss (ASTM D-523) from 10 to 60 units.

Shelf life

30~45 days in unopened container at 4~8

Pack size

1 gallon to 5 gallon

For finish gloss higher than 70 units, it would need a clear coat on the color coat.

Dry Film Thickness        

Single-coat:                        15-25 microns

Two-coat:           Primer/color coat:15~20 microns

        Top coat/clear coat: 5-10 microns

Application Method:

Substrate: Metal such as aluminum, stain steel and iron

Pretreatment and processes: Sandblast degrease/Cleaningsprayingcuring

Spraying: Nozzle size: 1.1~1.3 mm   Air pressure: 2.5~3.5 kg/m2



Bake Schedule (Peak Metal Temperature)

Preheating : 60~80


 5~10 minutes

10~15 minutes


Physical Properties


Test Method



Mitsbishi Uni Pencil



Cross hatch

No removal

Solvent resistance

200 time with Acetone

No visual change

Acid resistance

5% H2SO4 x 48 hours

No blister, no visual change

Acid pollutants resistance

A magic marker, vapor 24 hours remove with alcohol

No visual change

Abrasion resistance

BS 7069 (1.5 kg with cleaning cloth)

>500 cycles

Alkali resistance

5% Na2CO3 x 48 hrs

No blister, no visual change

Salt spray resistance

5% NaCl x 3000 hours

1/20”, no blister

Heat resistance

500’C x 1 hour

No crack, no visual change

Boiling water resistance

98+2’C water x 2hrs

No visual change, no crack, no blister

Weather resistance

Weather-O-meter x 5000 hours

Color retention 2 dE


Gloss retention 90% Max.

Green Product: Environmental-friendly and save energy

There are no any toxic and greenhouse gases off when in coating process, cooking application and the waste disposal.

Meets and exceeds the US FDA requirement

Owing to its inorganic ceramic nature, it won’t have any toxic gases off when be heated or burned.

P.S. The test method of FDA requirement is set at room temperature not as high as it would be heated or burned. In other words, That test procedure is not appropriate for the cookware and the bakeware application.


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