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2010         Benvictor company begins to discover and extend the oversea market of ceramic coatings, keep in close contact as well as sale and after sales service with electronics makers in southest Asia.


2009            Benvitor Singapore Pte Ltd established in Singapore.The new produce of ceramic pan uses inorganic coating which is energy friendly and easy cleaning.

2007                                      Establishing factory in Conghua city in 2007, Benvictor company engages in the research development and produce on high standard ceramic coatings which are widely applied in the field of electric iron, pan, griddle plate and fire-resisting material.

2006                                      CiXi, Ningbo office established.

2005                   Conghua Aotou factory established.

2005                   Selling Ceramic Coating for iron, cookware and fireproof applications.

                           Selling KoreanUV hard coating for chrome-effect surface application

                           Selling silicone heat resistant coating for cookware and bakeware.

2004                   Guangzhou Conghua Trade company established. Developed 2-K Rubber-like plastic coating for electronic appliances.


Product Range


1.Plastic coatings:           2-components Rubber-like paint

                               Substrates:plastic and metal surface

2.UV hard coatings:        Primer and topcoat for chrome effect surface.

3.Silicone coatings:         Heat resistance coatings for cookware and bakeware.

4.Ceramic coatings:         810 series ceramic coatings for fireproof & iron application.



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